PAT-Advanced-1081. Rational Sum

Given N rational numbers in the form “numerator/denominator”, you are supposed to calculate their sum.

Input Specification:

Each input file contains one test case. Each case starts with a positive integer N (<=100), followed in the next line N rational numbers “a1/b1 a2/b2 …” where all the numerators and denominators are in the range of “long int”. If there is a negative number, then the sign must appear in front of the numerator.

Output Specification:

For each test case, output the sum in the simplest form “integer numerator/denominator” where “integer” is the integer part of the sum, “numerator” < “denominator”, and the numerator and the denominator have no common factor. You must output only the fractional part if the integer part is 0.

Sample Input 1:

Sample Output 1:

Sample Input 2:

Sample Output 2:

Sample Input 3:

Sample Output 3:





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