PAT-Advanced-1114. Family Property

This time, you are supposed to help us collect the data for family-owned property. Given each person’s family members, and the estate(房产)info under his/her own name, we need to know the size of each family, and the average area and number of sets of their real estate.

Input Specification:

Each input file contains one test case. For each case, the first line gives a positive integer N (<=1000). Then N lines follow, each gives the infomation of a person who owns estate in the format:

ID Father Mother k Child1 … Childk M_estate Area

where ID is a unique 4-digit identification number for each person; Father and Mother are the ID’s of this person’s parents (if a parent has passed away, -1 will be given instead); k (0<=k<=5) is the number of children of this person; Childi‘s are the ID’s of his/her children;M_estate is the total number of sets of the real estate under his/her name; and Area is the total area of his/her estate.

Output Specification:

For each case, first print in a line the number of families (all the people that are related directly or indirectly are considered in the same family). Then output the family info in the format:

ID M AVG_sets AVG_area

where ID is the smallest ID in the family; M is the total number of family members; AVG_sets is the average number of sets of their real estate; and AVG_area is the average area. The average numbers must be accurate up to 3 decimal places. The families must be given in descending order of their average areas, and in ascending order of the ID’s if there is a tie.

Sample Input:

Sample Output:

用 disjoint set 来确定家庭……

child 和 parent 的 id 可能不在给出的人中,且没有资产




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